Intellectual property


My IP practice is predominantly in the field of trademark and industrial design protection. I represented a number of globally well known companies – major brand owners operating in various industries, such as food, beverages, spirits, fashion industry, telecommunications, pharmaceutical,  tobacco and other areas. I advise clients and undertake actions in cases of infringements of IP rights before the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina, inspections, prosecutors and courts. I offer the following services in IP area of practice:

  • trademark and domain name research
  • trademark, domain names and design applications and registration
  • IP license agreements
  • copyright and trademark infringements
  • trademark objections and opposition filings
  • preparation of IP rights assignment agreements, co-existence agreements, special pledges on IP rights
  • preparation of Cease and Desist Letters, Letters of Consent, and negotiations in such cases
  • representation trademark holders in civil procedure for establishment and termination of infringement of their rights with requests for compensation for damages
  • IP due diligence